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I received the Questionnaire from the Chicago Tribune during January. Here are their questions and my answers. There was a 500 word limit for each question, so I have posted the entire answers here. One answer had to be shorten to fit their requirements.



The federal government has more than $15 trillion in debt and it ran a $1.3 trillion budget deficit in 2011. Congress has not reached agreement on how to balance federal spending. What share of deficit reduction do you believe should come from spending cuts and what share from revenue increases?

Specify what spending you want to cut and/or what revenues you want to increase.

Should Congress rewrite the U.S. tax code? If so, what would your priorities be?

Federal spending is out of control. I will strongly support a move to cut the federal budget by 10% in 2013. Each and every department of the federal government should be cut 10%. Every Cabinet Member should be required to cut their departments by 10%. The EPA should be shut down and all employees sent home until they learn to follow the desires of the Congress. They cannot make law and they cannot set their own carbon standards.  We only have to go back 30 years to see that tax cuts spurs economic growth. With the Reagan tax cuts, the economic growth went in a straight line up from 1985-2005. We should cut the top rate to 28%, The middle rate should be 15% ($30,000-$100,000) and the lowest rate should be 5% ($5,000 to $30,000). Corporate taxes should be reduced, with more deductions going to manufacturers. We need to promote 'made in America' and encourage more production here.


Identify three specific actions you would support to foster private-sector job creation.

 CUT TAXES and work to reduce the price of energy. I firmly believe that the oil prices can be forced down if the real price of oil was known by the public at large. I will pursue this line of thinking and conduct the research to confirm my theory. As an example, I remember seeing the cost of a barrel of oil, to get it out of the ground was $4.00 in Saudi Arabia. To get a barrel of oil in the North Sea was $6.00 per. Now this shale rock oil may be more expensive, but not $30.00 to 40.00 but about $12.00 per barrel. Additionally, I will expose the price of gasoline in Kuwait, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, etc. Just what is the real price of oil and who is jacking up the prices.

  Cutting Taxes is key. I could say cut regulations, but that would be too simple. There is a need for government, but at the lowest rate of regulation just to keep everyone honest. Corruption in government does change the equation. Remember greater regulation leads to more corruption. Just take a look at the rest of the countries in this world.

 Foreign policy

What role should the U.S. play in world affairs? In essence: Tell us your foreign policy Specifically, what should the U.S. mission be in Afghanistan? What actions should the U.S. take to halt Iran's nuclear program? How should the U.S. respond to China's emergence as a global economic power?

We should never get involved in a politically correct war again. The biggest mistakes to be learned by being involved with Iraq and Afghanistan is that these people do not want to join the 21st century. The minute we pull out, they will return to their tribal ways. This is crazy. When we beat the Japanese, we changed their lifestyles, their beliefs, their government. This was great for the Japanese people. After we beat Germany, we made the common citizens do the clean-up. They had to clean-up the concentration camps, remove the dead bodies. They had to rebuild the buildings. But in the long run and it did take until about 1952 before most of the resistance quieted down. You can see that this approach has made the German people more civilized. We won the Korean war and the South Koreans are much better off. But in Vietnam, we allowed the Democrats in Congress to lose that conflict in 1975. We did not stand with our South Vietnam allies. NO MORE POLITICALLY CORRECT WARS.

I mailed a letter to President Bush in 2004 stating that Iraq needed land reform. Make the people of Iraq land-owners and they will be better citizens, not so crazy. I advised President Bush to build a railroad in Afghanistan with private-public funding. Bring those people up to at least the 20th century. Get American products into their hands.

What ever it takes, Iran should not have nuclear weapons...

NEVER forget, China is still a communist country. There is no freedom, no human rights, no religious liberty. They will lie, cheat and deceive to get their way. Just ask any businessman who has dealt with the Chinese. Are they our mortal enemy? Maybe not, but they cannot be trusted. Remember they are communists.


What role should the federal government play in public education? Do you favor or oppose the Obama administration's Race To The Top program? How can public school systems enhance the accountability of educators and provide more education options for students? Tell us your priorities for American education.

 This department was created in 1979 by President Carter. Please have someone tell me the great progress this Department has created? Race to the Top,  No Child Left Behind? Quite frankly, get the federal government out of the education business. It is an utter waste of money. Let the parents, local school boards and teachers take care of the education in the local areas. And end the federal government control over the student loan program. The private-public arrangement we had before this President's involvement was working fine. But I will investigate the 'criminal action' in the State of Illinois. Over the last 10 years, the U of I Trustees raised the tuition an average of 8% per year. The average yearly tuition in the Illinois University system is now over $9000.00 per year. This is insane, when you consider that the average inflation rate over the last 10 years has been 2%. Just who is watching the chicken-coop? Just where was State Senator Obama when these increases occurred? Where was Cook County Board Member Quigley? Were they both asleep? Two empty suits, paying no attention.


How should the U.S. government reform its immigration system, and how should it treat the 12 million immigrants who are here illegally? Please be specific

 We are all immigrants. And we cannot compare the flood of immigrants from the 19th and 20th centuries to the situation now. This country was wide open and there was room for all. But even in the early days of immigration, newcomers still had to registrar with the government. The British welcomed immigrants and granted land grants. It was the way for them to settle the growing colonies. After our Independence, immigration was controlled from Europe. Immigration from the southern border was not controlled, but not many people traveled through the various southwestern deserts or tackled the Rockies. The majority of the immigrants in the early history of the USA were looking for freedom and the possibility to improve their lives. There were no hand-outs from the states or U.S. Government. There were land grants again, but no guarantees.

 Immigration regulations came into being during the latter part of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Everyone was required to have some money and some contact with an American. Health inspections were also part of the immigration process. Laws were passed to regulate immigration. Immigrants were not allowed to be a burden on society. I had a long discussion with my grandmother about her coming to the USA, so I have an intimate knowledge and understanding.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2012 America. We have a flood of immigration from Central America including Mexico Yes, they want to work and improve their lives, but sadly, a good number of these immigrants believe they have a right to come to the USA, that they have a claim to a good portion of this country. They are not interested in becoming Americans. They want to keep their identity. Some of these immigrants want to take back parts of the USA. I believe this is wrong and not in our interest. We also have thousands more from Europe, Asia and Africa that come on visas and just stay.

 I look at the two-fold problem with the current situation. First, by fleeing their failed countries, no improvement can be made in those countries. I have yet to hear from any of these immigrants that they want to go back and improve their own governments, that they want to improve the lives of their own families and their neighbors. They have never said, that they now have seen how a great country is governed, and they want to return home and change the bad conditions in their home country.  I may be the only candidate for the U.S. Congress that has begun to investigate the problems in Mexico. I have had a long conversation with a businessman who spent a good number of years in Mexico. He has given me insights that I cannot receive from an average Mexican. The entire Central American region suffers from these same problems. We need to export the U.S. Constitution and our ideal of a free, democratic-republic form of government. Yes, they have elections in Central America, but they are still living with third-world ideals.

 Secondly, by allowing people to overstay their visas or just walk across the border, we have created an underworld economy that is hurting the average American. Take a look at the building trades in Chicagoland. Who is fixing the roofs in our neighborhoods, who is competing for the professional painting jobs and who is taking the thousands of factory jobs? An average American is competing with people who will work for less, driving down the value of labor. When you drive around the south and west sides of Chicago, you will see young men that may never have a job, young men who spend their entire day trying to game the system.

I am willing to expand the guest worker programs, increase the number of immigrants from each and every country in the world, but I do not support open borders. We need to establish an orderly system for immigration, but those that are here illegally, must return to their own countries. Maybe we need to print the U.S. Constitution in hundreds of languages and give one to every immigrant as they return to their home country. If we could get every country in the world to accept our constitution, join the 21st century and begin to treat their citizens respectfully, the world would be a better place and we would not have this immigration problem.


By 2020, Medicare and Medicaid costs could account for one-fourth of federal spending. Medicare's largest trust fund will be insolvent in 2024. How should these programs be restructured to control costs? Do you support the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which is supposed to have broad powers to cut Medicare spending if Congress fails to do so?

 This is a pretty dumb question if we allow ObamaCare to continue. It is the responsibility of the next Congress to kill ObamaCare. The current Congressman in the 5th District voted to steal 500 billion dollars from Medicare. If they can get away with this, where is the end......President Obama is not interested in saving Medicare, or Medicaid. Read his books, listen to his close advisers, listen to  Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. She has stated that there should be NO insurance companies involved in health care in this country. Did you miss that speech? I didn't. OBAMACARE is EVIL.

     ObmaCare will lead to government run health care. Now, you have to ask yourself, just what do you own? Do you own your life? Are you responsible for your health? Just who do you think in this or any government has your best interest at heart? Please do not kid yourself. Do you think that some bureaucrat that worked for the tollway last year, or worked in the Secretary of State’s office six months ago, really cares about your health? Do you honestly think some federal bureaucrat really cares? OBAMACARE is madness....

Social Security

In 2010, Social Security began to pay out more in benefits than it collects in revenues. Social Security faces insolvency in 2036. Do you support extension of a cut in payroll taxes, which provides money for Social Security? How would you change revenues or benefits to keep the system financial solvent? Specifically, would you raise the Social Security payroll tax on employers and employees? Would you raise the retirement age? Would you change the benefit formula? Please explain.

 If you listened to the State of the Union speech last night, our President wants to extend the cut in the Social Security for another year. THIS IS MADNESS. If you want to cut taxes and put more money in people’s pockets, cut the income tax. What do you think? Do you think that President Obama is trying to destroy Social Security as we know it? I am part of the generation that will not collect Social Security until the age of 67. I agree with these age increases. People are living longer and enjoying better health. So I agree with raising the age limits to save Social Security. Both President Obama and Congressman Mike Quigley need to be send packing before they queer this deal called the "United States of America"

Let me add, please stop using the term payroll taxes. There are a number of taxes that are deducted from a person’s paycheck: Federal taxes, State taxes, Social Security taxes and Medicare taxes. Those that use the term ‘payroll taxes’ are trying to deceive the public.

Health care

Do you favor repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which President Obama signed into law in 2010? What changes, if any, would you support in the health care law?

 Let me state this again. There is only one thing that you own. It is your life. Now, you may be responsible for the life and health of your children under the age of 18, but that's about it. You are responsible for your life and your health. The reason there is health insurance in the first place is to pool your money and other people's money. This pooled money is there to pay for health care. You know, just like auto insurance, you are responsible for your car, and the action of your car. So, you pool your money with others and when there is an accident, there is money to pay the claims. With health care it is the same system, when you need an operation, there is money from the pool to pay the expenses. Over the years, people began to expect more from their health care, so the price for this insurance went up. This includes prescriptions, doctor visits, etc.

  Now you add the government into the mix and thing begin to get screwed up. The government requires hospitals to provide health care to everyone. This may be the number one reason that the price of health care is so high, by requiring service without any guarantee for payment. Then you add on the number of law-suits that are filed against doctors and health providers and the equation is totally off balance. First let me state, I do not believe either President Obama or Congressman Quilgey could explain this situation this simply. This so-called ‘Affordable Care Act’ is evil, this act is has changed the equation completely. It will lead to national health care, and I am opposed to national health care. I am for stepping back and working on a solution to the problems related to health care, but not this monster of a bill. You have to look at how this act first steals 500 billion dollars from Medicare, from us the payees. Add on 2000 pages of pure insanity, and all I can say is that this is evil. YOU OWN YOUR LIFE and neither the government nor their agents really give a damn about your life.


What are your priorities for U.S. energy production and conservation? How can the U.S. reduce its reliance on foreign oil? Do you favor or oppose expanded domestic drilling for oil, shale oil and natural gas? Should Washington subsidize production of ethanol for fuel?

 We have plenty of energy right here in America. Did you know, that right here in the State of Illinois, there is enough coal to provide electricity for the entire United States for 300 years. Just think about that, all the demands for today, and all of the demands for the next 300 years, right here in Illinois. If you just consider that fact, it would be worthwhile to develop clean burning coal, and yes it can be done. There is a demo plant in southern Illinois that is working on solving that problem, but the funding comes and then it goes. Should the federal government be involved in this research?  Yes, when you consider the madness in the rest of the world, energy is a national priority. I believe we do not need a Department of Energy. We just need energy independence. Congress should charge itself to develop the 'national energy policy'. We should open Yucca Mountain immediately. One of the first things that President Obama did was shut down Yucca Mountain with the help of Senator Reid. This proved to me that this President is not interested in 'energy independence'. This is one of his 'big lies'. I understand how things work. I understand how steam is used to turn turbines. I believe that using coal or nuclear reaction to make steam and turn turbines is the most efficient way to make electricity. We should not be burning oil or natural gas to make electricity. This President and President Clinton have used this idea of national monuments to shut down hundreds of thousands of square miles of potential energy sources. We may have hundreds of times more oil in our own shale rock than there is in Canada. But this administration and Clinton's stopped any development of these lands. Yes, we can develop our own shale oil, and we can develop methods that will be clean, we can develop ways to restore these lands just as we have replanted our forests over the last 100 years. America still leads the world in our demands for a clean environment We are the cleanest of any of the large countries in this world.

No, we should not subsidize Ethanol. Again I know something about this subject. In stock car racing, most cars use ethanol because it burns cooler than gasoline, but ethanol burns at twice the rate of gasoline. So, when there is a 100 lap race, these racers will change over to gasoline, because they just can't make that many pit-stops and expect to win a race. (I should add, this applies to local racing and this answer should not be confused with the conditions in NASCAR or CART racing). We should not be burning food for energy.

About you

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

My life is very much out there in the public. I have produced 1156 weekly television shows. I have been very fortunate to be able to drive across this country many times over the last 20 years. In fact, I have bragged that for 10 years running, I have had my toe or I have swum in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. I have driven over 600,000 miles over the last 15 years, so I do know something about our Interstate highway system. I know that Ronald Reagan raised the federal highway tax from 5 cents to 10 cents to help rebuild the roads and bridges. Then President Clinton raised the gasoline gas another 5 cents and put that money in the general fund. Along comes this President, President Obama, and he thinks that federal government should control and dictate from Washington DC what and when highways should be fixed. A good example is the I-290 bridge over the Chicago River. This project is now going on three years to resurface these two bridges. Take a walk over there and see what I mean. Yes, this is the bridge that is just east of the Main Post Office. They built this bridge, brand new in less than a year I believe in 1955. If you want an example of the failure of President Obama and the Democratic machine in Chicago, this unfinished bridge is a good example of this failure. I will also investigate the millions of dollars that have been wasted putting up walls on I-55 near U.S. 30 in the Joliet region. Plus, someone should look at the contracts that have been issued around Bloomington, Illinois. For the last 30 years, some contractor has been working on that 1-55 and I-74 loop. Don't they know how to fix a highway that will work for more than a year? Just who is stealing the federal money. I will also look into the increase in tolls on the Illinois Tollway. A good number of miles of Illinois Tollway system runs through the 5th Congressional District.