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I believe it was during the first few weeks of January of 2012, I receive an E-mail from WTTW, Chicgaoland's PBS TV station. Here are their questions and my answers.

1)       What is the No. 1 issue in your district and how would you address it?

2)       How would you promote job growth in your district?

3)       Should the federal government cut spending and where?

4)       If Republican, which GOP presidential candidate do you support?

5)       Give an example of something youíve done that is bipartisanship in nature.

6)       Name one good policy idea that comes from the opposing party.

7)       How do you define family values?

8)       What are your thoughts on the healthcare law?

9)       Who is your political role model?

10)   Whatís on your iPod?


The number one issue is to save America as we know it. This administration and their pawn, Mike Quigley, have promoted and voted to steal 500 billion dollars from Medicare. Just where is this money going? These retirees that have paid into the Medicare fund since1964 feel that this President and this Congressman have robbed their money. Besides this theft, they want to extend the reduction in the Social Security tax. This is a bad move. Under this President and Congressman, the Social Security fund is threatened. Short-falls in the SSN fund that were going to occur in 2017 are now occurring. This year there will be short-falls in the SSN fund. Additionally, Federal spending is out of control under President Obama and Congressman Quigley. This is madness. There just isnít enough money to fund their spending spree. We need to cut the federal budget by 10%. Every member of the Cabinet should be required to cut their departments by 10%. If you love America, if you love your family, if you love your neighbors, you will cut spending, you will reduce the size of the federal government.


We learned in the 1980ís that cutting taxes leads to growth in the economy. Stating in 1984 and running through 2004, the United States economy has had straight-line growth. Thirty years of great prosperity, this has never happened before. Just as the local Democrats have learned from their CBO and Sears deals, you cut taxes to keep local prosperity going. Just what would have happened to the rental situation downtown if these trading operations left? How would the economy in northwest Cook County be affected without Sears?. If you want to create an environment for job growth, you cut taxes. Remember one additional part of the equation, corruption leads to higher taxes. Clean up the corruption in state, county and city governments and maybe then the tax burden will be reduced. If you have some time, we could produce several hours of television just covering the corruption of the Madigans, the Berrios and the Daleys.


The Federal Government should cut 10% across the board. Each and every department should be reduced. There should be a new budget with everything on the line. No more automatic increases in federal spending. I am willing to spend my first two years in the Congress to clean up the budget. We need to means test everyone on Social Security. There are too many people gaming the system and getting a check from Social Security. Now that the Income Tax Credit program has been created, millions more are gaming the system and taking money from the IRS.


Each and every Republican candidate is better that the President we have now. Either President Obama is the dumbest president we have ever had when it come to the economy or he is the smartest and he just wants to destroy this country as we know it. America is GREAT because the American people are GREAT. Nothing is perfect, but when you look around at the rest of the world, we are all blessed to be in this country and President Obama just doesnít get it. Between President Obama and Congressman Mike Quigley, they will queer the deal, they will disrupt this fine line, the balance that leads to Americaís greatness.


All my neighbors and I shovel the sidewalks together. I donít care if they are Republicans or Democrats, but we are lucky that we all just get along. I have raced at over one-hundred miles per hour with other riders on motorcycles within inches of each other, and I really donít know if they were Democrats or Republicans.


Even a broken clock is correct two times a day. I did support the blocking of the purchase of T-Mobile by AT&T. I also agreed with the operation against Bin-Laden.


Marriage Is one man and one woman. All statistics will show that the best situation for any children is a father and a mother. No matter where a personís position in life may be, no matter how poor or rich, their lives will be better if they marry someone of the opposite sex, stay married for a lifetime and stay off drugs and liquor. Living a Judeo-Christian lifestyle is a plus.


ObamaCare is evil. If there is one thing that a person owns, it is their life. You are responsible for your health. You are responsible for your life. The government is not responsible for your health. Just who in the government will be responsible for your health? Just who? If you believe that the government can serve your best interest, you need to have your head examined.


Ronald Reagan was the greatest President of the 20th century. He won the Ďcold warí or World War III without firing a shot. The truth is the truth. The Soviet Union was evil. President Reagan refused to meet with any soviet leader that was not elected. He stuck to his guns and refused to meet three soviet leaders. Finally, Gorbachev was selected by the Soviet Politburo, and President Reagan met with him. We have to remember that President Reagan stuck to his beliefs and walked out of a bad agreement with Gorbachev in Iceland. We also have to remember that the newspapers, the radio stations and the television networks did not respect President Reagan. They considered him a B rated actor, that he was dumb, that he was not worldly. Not until his death, did they ever show one shred of respect for Ronald Reagan. Letís not forget that he turned the economy around, came up with solutions for Social Security, lowered taxes and made Americans proud again.


Sorry, but I do not have a ipod, but I do have my own weekly television show, Team Chicago Challenge.


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