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Mailed in January of 2012


1. Would you be in favor of using Federal funds for motorcycle education?

   Answer 1: I believe that the current situation is fair. This is really a state issue and I believe that the federal government will only screw it up. Just look at the screwed up situation with the use of highway funds under the Obama Administration.  You will see projects started without any planning. They are tearing up roads at the end of the season because those up high have allotted money for this or that highway project. They are still working on roads just when the asphalt plants are closing. Just how long will this asphalt last when it is laid down at below freezing weather? A good example of this last-minute planning is the I-290 bridge over the Chicago River. This project is going on for 3 years. I believe this bridge was built in 1955 in one year. Do you really want the federal government involved with motorcycling? Do you want these empty shirts in Washington involved in our lives?

2. Would you support effort of the NTSB or the NHTSB to lobby states to enact mandatory helmets laws?

Answer 2: I am opposed to any helmet laws. Yes, I do wear a helmet each and every time I ride a motorcycle. I race motorcycles and I have hit my head on the payment a few times and I have crashed in the woods many times, so I personally understand the value of wearing a helmet, but just who am I to tell someone to wear a helmet? Did you know that the vast majority of traffic deaths in automobiles are due to head injuries? So, if you want to protect everyone, then all passengers in an automobile should wear helmets. How many people die every year by falling down on the street and smacking their heads? So, shouldn’t everyone wear a helmet? I believe in personal freedom, even the freedom to make mistakes. Again, I am against all helmet laws.

3. Would you advocate punishment of states financially for not having mandatory helmet laws?

Answer 3: This is a state’s rights issue and I will work against any efforts of the federal government to force their will on states. The way I look at this administration is this: they feel they have all the answers; they have this utopian dream that is evil. We are a country of liberty, personal freedom and personal responsibility. Someone has to stand up and set the line. I’ll follow the U.S. Constitution when it comes to the limits on the federal government.

4. Considering that motorcycle only contribute to .006% of the overall emissions, would you favor legislation that would burden states and force them to adopt a federally prescribed test cycle for motorcycle emissions standards?

Answer 4: One of the first acts that I will undertake when I get to the U.S. House is propose a bill to cut off all funding for the EPA. This agency has overstepped their powers when they designed their own carbon standards. It is the responsibility of the U.S. Congress to set air standards. ONLY THE U.S. Congress can make law. The modern motorcycle is one of the cleanest operating vehicles we have in this country and I would encourage a greater number of the general public to get on motorcycles for daily commuting and general use. If we are ever to win this effort towards ‘energy independence’, I feel motorcycles can play an important role. There would be less traffic build-up in the metro areas and commuting  times will be reduced. Can you imagine the peace of mind this would contribute to the general public? I will advocate lower parking fees for motorcycles and a $10.00 per month I-Pass for motorcycles on the Illinois Tollway system.

5.Would you be in favor of protecting the American motor vehicle owners by making it illegal for the manufacturers to withhold information necessary to diagnose service or repairs?

Answer 5: I feel that all information about all motor vehicles should be in the public realm. Believe me, there are no engineering secrets when it comes to motor vehicles. Everyone should have access to all service manuals and diagnosis information. I would also encourage a greater number of the general public to learn about how a motor vehicle works. I am surprised when I see motorcyclists bring their bikes in for a simple oil change. Every motorcyclist should know how to remove both wheels on their bikes.

6. Would you be in favor of industry testing on the environmental, safety, durability, health and performance effects for on-road and off-road vehicles and infrastructure from the use of gasoline containing 15% ethanol, before implementing 15% ethanol gasoline?

Answer 6: The truth of the matter is ethanol-gasoline really does not burn any cleaner than the current gasoline available. The myth behind the ethanol usage is this; it contains less BTU that gasoline, so it should be cleaner. Not so, it contains less BTU and it delivers less mileage. If I am sent to Washington D.C. by the voters in the 5th, I will expose the dirty secrets of high gasoline prices. The price of oil is artificially held high by the middle-eastern producers. There are a good number of American oil producers who do not hold the interest of the USA at heart. There are layers of speculators, middle-men and distributors that are guilty of continuing these high prices. Add in this administration’s love of higher gasoline prices and you can see the mess we are in. I will expose this nest of thieves. A nation is in trouble when it burns its food for fuel.

7. Would you be in favor of closing HIPPA loopholes that allow nonpayment of claims while engaged in legal recreational activities?

Answer 7: OBAMACARE IS EVIL. If you allow the government to control your healthcare you are giving up liberty. If there is one thing that a person owns, it is their life. You are responsible for your health. You are responsible for your life. The government is not responsible for your health. Just who in the government will be responsible for your health? Just who? If you believe that the government can serve your best interest, you need to have your head examined. Just who do you think in this or any government has your best interest at heart? Please do not kid yourself. Do you think that some bureaucrat that worked for the tollway last year, or worked in the Secretary of State’s office, really cares about your health? OBAMACARE is madness. Do we forget how a teamster was screwed by his fellow union teamsters a few years ago, do you remember he had an accident on his motorcycle? When the insurance policy was opened, it exposed that all teamsters were sold a bad policy. Teamsters that went fishing in their own boats were also not covered. Yes, someone has to kill OBAMACARE and then we need an open debate on healthcare in this country without the government involved. The Congressman that I am running against voted to steal 500 Billion Dollars from Medicare. Should he be re-elected to steal again?


To all members of ABATE:

I am asking for your help in the upcoming general election in November 2012. Please get involved with this campaign or at least make a simple donation. I will protect our rights to own motorcycles, to ride motorcycles, to ride off-road motorcycles, to ride on the ice in the winter and to race motorcycles.


Go to my other website www.teamchicago.tv, this website will show you more about the weekly TV show 'Team Chicago Challenge'. Look for clips up on You Tube.


I have produced 1158 weekly TV shows about motorcycle racing and motorcycles in general over the last 25 years. I have promoted ice racing in Illinois. I have raced for the last 40+ years. I am a life member of AMA. One of my oldest friends, and a fellow racer that I met at Santa Fe Speedway in 1972 is Jim Viverito. He is a former president of Abate of Chicago and current member of the AMA Board of Directors. Call him for any references. I made a good number of phone calls to get Jim elected to the AMA board.


If I can get every motorcyclist in Illinois to contribute at least $1.00 to my campaign, I will be elected the next Congressman in the 5th District. Even if you don't live in Illinois or in the 5th District, you can donate. Protect our rights to ride. CAN YOU HELP?